Do Miracles in Your LIfe

Do Miracles in Your Life

V. Beckman went out for a picnic with his wife and children. His car was parked on a slope.
His four-year-old son was playing close to the car.
All of a sudden, the car started moving and his son was practically about to caught under the wheel
. Seeing this, Beckman grabbed the bumper of the heavy car and tried to lift it to save his son and surprisingly Beckman lifted the car from the tragedy of being crushed under the wheel.

What does this story tell us? "Now think: suddenly you hear that your house is on fire. You rush therein and find out that the entire house is in flames, and the fire brigade is standing helplessly because of some reasons. At the time you find your wife walking out of the fire with a child in hands. When you make enquires, you hear spellbound the thrilling news that the child was sleeping upstairs in the room. In the panic, everyone ran in the confusion that where to go? , and the mother remembered the child. The fireman, in spite of his forty years of experience, said, "Maa, no human being can go in that flame. The whole thing is burning fiercely. "The mother immediately forgets everything and in hysterical ecstasy, she runs into the fire>everybody is expecting that she will burn like hell inside that fire. Instead, They find that not even her clothes have burnt. She rushes to the room, takes the child and comes out. After this incident, tell her to go near the fire, and she is afraid, her efficiency has gone. But under the inspiration of that great love for her child, she could do miracles. If that is the potentiality of the human mind, can't she live twenty-four hours a day as an Actress?
She cannot, because she has not got that inspirational goal. So an ordinary man may be a coward, but when he is inspired by the great ideal, you will find that out of himself he pulls out a limitless source of energy and vitality.

If a man loves something he will do everything in his power to protect it no matter what happens

In scientific terms, this situation is called an adrenaline rush. When adrenaline is released suddenly, it’s often referred to as adrenaline rush.this is a hormone (adrenaline)which body releases when you have a fight or flight situation.

Although adrenaline has an evolutionary purpose some people take part in some activities just to rush their adrenaline.

Let me tell you a story of mine recently when I experienced a heavy adrenaline rush. 

Three weeks ago, I had a stress fracture from excess running. I am planning to run for the mini-marathon in my town. A stress fracture is simply your shin bone ( the bone in below your knee and above the ankle) swells up from stress on it and if more stress is applied, it could develop a  complete fracture. It was very hard to walk at all, and I was regretting in self-pity. My friend mocked me about being unable to walk. It kept my ego aside and I got furious. In my ego I got an adrenaline rush, I don't know why, but I put on my boots and ran.

Ran for 26 kilometers at one go! Almost a mini-marathon length! 

With a leg with a stress fracture. I came home, collapsed and cried in pain

my leg is okay now and it mostly will recover in a few weeks! I still have four months to the run!

So whatever happens Stop At Nothing.

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