Why Attitude is everything?

Attitude is everything

Before coming to a point let me tell you a story first. In 1914, Edison's factories were completely destroyed by fire, thus causing a loss of more than two million dollars. When the factories were getting burnt by the flames, Edison's son was looking out desperately for his father. He saw his father standing near the fire, the son's heart ached for his father. Edison saw his son and said, "Where's your mother? call her to see this spectacle. She is never going to see anything like this in her entire life again.". His wife came and saw this catastrophe. the next morning, both went for a walk. Walking through the remains of his factories. the 67-year-old Edison said something to his wife that brought back her lost smile and lit up her dull face. Edison said,  "There is a great value in disaster. All our mistakes are burned up. Thank god, we can start afresh".

Moral: Attitude is everything. How you see the things really matters and can make you or can destroy you, the choice is in your hands that you see the positive side of everything and be happy and get succeded or else see the negative aspects of everything that happens to you and cry for that.

The most influential voice you hear is your inner voice. It can be optimistic or pessimistic. It can make you happy or can make you sad. It can work for you or against you, all this depends on how you see the world. Our mind is a computer that can be programmed. We can choose whether the software installed is unproductive or productive. Our inner dialogue is the software that programs our attitude, which determines how we present ourselves to the world around you. We have control over the programming.

Here are some strategies from my attitude tool kit to improve your attitude:

  • Never give up
  • Ignore the critics
  • Do exercise daily
  • Do it with full perfection
  • Give your 100% 
  • Always have a positive attitude
  • Self motivate yourself
  • Get inspiration from someone
  • Make yourself better day by day
  • Keep smiling
  • lighten up your life with humor.

I am convinced that attitude is the key to success or failure in almost any of life's endeavors. Your attitude-your perspective, your outlook, how you feel about yourself, how you feel about other people-determines your priorities, your actions, your values. Your attitude determines how you interact with other people and how you interact with yourself.     
-Carolyn Warner

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  1. Hey chetan, that was nice blog and it really induced me to be more better...thnx... waiting for more blog like this.

  2. Thank you. Would love to read more like this 😊