How to win in every situation

how to win

How to win in every situation

A supervisor who has given the charge of the gang of extremely lazy labourers asked them to dig ten feet holes near a large steel mill. the workers were further upset when they were told to dig the holes here and there though they were very tensed about some kind of the problem they were having at their home. 
As time went by, they kept digging, and finally, they dug up nine holes. They could not perceive why they were being created to dig such a big amount of holes close to the mill. They also grew desperate, tired, and extremely upset, They decided to stop right there and not to work anymore. 

As they were on the point of retire, the supervisor told them something which made them spring back to action forgetting all their tiredness. The supervisor told them that he was truly trying to find a broken pipe that provided water to the quarters wherever the workmen resided. The labourers sprang back to work at once.
To work while not a goal isn't simply uninspiring however additionally troublesome. On the opposite hand, when a man knows the purpose of what he is doing, he is able to focus better. Another perspective to this is that if a person believes that he stands to gain from a particular activity, his enthusiasm rises automatically.
We all have several competitions in a very day with others or with ourselves we have a tendency to try and win in each state of affairs typically we have a tendency to win and typically we have a tendency to learn. If your day is worse these days tomorrow can associate with a punch on your face therefore a way to prepare for that

Here are some ways to follow that will inspire and motivate you to win in every situation.

  • Practice your skills every day: you have your own set of skills that make you better than others it helps you to make sure that you are better than everyone else and might create a move consistent with that
  • Make sure that you know the rules: without knowing the rules you will get knocked out easily either you are competing with yourself or with others. That doesn't mean {that you|that you simply|that you simply} have to be compelled to recognize all rule just the essential ones area unit enough.
  • Put the aspects of winning within the back of your mind: hear the opposite facet 1st before you even consider attempting to win. They might be correct typically recognize everything concerning the opposite facet.
  • Research about everything before you even enter into the game: Knowledge is a major aspect of winning better you have it
  • Analyze the wants and weaknesses of your opponent rather than attempting to assume, "what is my opponent thinking?", break the question down into easier and simpler queries. First, what does my opponent need to win? And second, if I was my opponent, what would I be worried about -- what is my weakness?
  • Play methodically and strategically, staying relaxed under stress. Make a habit of controlled, regular breathing while you play, taking your time to make the absolute best choice every time you're up. If you are relaxed and calm you'll need a way easier time sorting through the choices and selecting the simplest one.

Lastly, it's not concerning winning every single state of affairs that you simply pride yourself upon, it is about understanding the situation at hand and then turning it into a question, a statement, associate degree argument that starts a brand new theory, new hypothesis, and a new question.
Even if you lose an associate degree argument or dialogue, don’t feel ashamed for it. Instead, look on the intense side—at least you’ve learned one thing valuable.

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