Why the Money has power.

Money has power.

A man once placed a bet with his friend about the power of money. He argued that money could buy anything. To prove it he went up to the priest of the biggest church over there and said, "father, my dog died yesterday. I would like to offer mass in his memory?"

The father was naturally outraged at this request. "we don't offer masses for an animal here. You might try the new denomination down the road. They'll probably pay for your dead dog."

The man did not lose hope and persisted. Much to his friend's surprise agreed and the friend lost the bet.
The friend asked how did you convince that father over there, he replied "I really loved the dog
and I would love him to have a decent send-off. I don't know what else to offer on such occasions. But do you think five hundred dollars will do?"

people will always tell you that money can't buy you happiness tell them I would prefer crying in a Lamborgini rather than crying on a footpath.
Money can make you happy, good or bad anything you want, some people say that Chetan you are saying true that money has its value but there are some things that money can't buy like love, friends e.t.c but tell them if you have money some things would not matter.

Make money your motivation

this will sound crazy to you but believe me, if you are seeing this post on your mobile phone. computer, laptop, or any other electronic device this means you are lucky enough than all the people who can't even afford their one meal a day. In 2012 it was estimated that using a poverty line of $1.25 a day, 1.2 billion people lived in poverty. Think about it, imagine you lose your job and you don't have a single penny to make your own food and start working for that, that I would never let this happen ever in my life make this your daily routine. Learn how to make money ,until that Hustle.This will not guarantee you a success but this will surely make you believe that anything can happen and only and only you can change it

Someone had said that give monkey a packet of food and a bag of money he will choose the food because he doesn't know that the money can buy him more food, so don't be a monkey you have the brain of human so use it like that only.
Stop chasing people chase money it will give you a rich and healthy lifestlye

Power of money

The power of money can overpower even the mind of a saint. In the analysis, everyone is striving to get as much money as possible. It can buy almost anything we want. In today's world money means everything, It's obvious we can't buy many things with it but they all don't matter.

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