What are the Good Values?

Values make us a Good Human Being 


They are essential for progress in life. They assist in making our day to day life easy and smooth. They help us to win the confidence, love, and favor of others. They are like a passport to success in your life. They endear us to others and help us to develop a better relationship with people we know. 

It is really sad to watch the younger generation these days who are getting astray from the mainstream. Where are we heading to? I am sure all guardians and preachers are forced to think the same? Television, films and foreign culture have influenced our lives so much that almost all young minds are bent to ape the west. Basic etiquettes like standing up for seniors, holding the door for the person walking behind you, using the words 'sorry', 'thank you', 'please', leaving your seat for elderly in a public transport, have fallen in critically endangered group and would soon become extinct if not cultivated. 

Gurukul period, the golden era in the advent of education is to be recalled and put to practice. Teachers and parents have changed a lot. They now no more believe in the norm of `Spare the rod and spoil the child'. But the future citizens of tomorrow need to understand that they need to respect all this love and care and should not try to take advantage of the liberties they enjoy.
Heroism does not lie in arguing with elders to prove your point right but it lies in getting the things from them without uttering a word just because they could not resist your demands because of values you possess.

 A rich person may have a crowd of flatterers all around and a powerful person may be obeyed by people just out of fear but a person with a pleasing personality is loved and appreciated by all.

Good values and manners help us to win the hearts very easily and help us to build our treasure of friends. We need to learn the value of being polite. Politeness costs us nothing but it goes a long way in winning friends, not because of being rich or powerful but because of what you are. And not to forget, politeness will never disappoint you. It will help you win there also where ability fails. A person with a pleasing personality and good moral values respect the feelings and sentiments of people in contact. So, you will be called a gem if you show proper regards to elders, love your equals and are kind towards those younger to you. Never let your ego spoil the show. You will always be remembered by people you know for your kindness and your conduct. 

It is not very difficult to have an impressive personality. Always keep a smile on your face, be jolly in nature but remember to be your limit, stay away from unnecessary boasting, be a sympathetic listener, don't be hesitant in sharing your talents and capabilities in situations where you can help others. Be obedient to your parents and teachers. Spend time with your grandparents and don't take them to be a liability or a disturbing element in the house. Remember you will also reach that stage one day. Be generous in using the three magic words.

 sorry, please, and thank you.

If you can inculcate the above-said qualities, your name will surely fall in the golden list of memorable personalities, a rare species to find these days.

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