How to be Happy in Life

How to be Happy in Life?

 Happy in Life

Many people ask me what is the secret of your happiness or how do you stay happy all the time and How do you stay motivated and happy??, I answer them one or two reasons that I can remember at that time.
I have seen many questions like How to stay happy alone, single, in relation, with family, without family, with people, with my ex, on my date, at my marriage e.t.c

These questions are meaningless as you can stay happy all the time just you have to train your mind in that way, it's always your choice whether to stay happy or sad, motivated or depressed, excited or low.

So here are the top secrets by which you can stay happy forever in your life.

1. Find yourself: This is the most peaceful and deep sentence you will ever read in your life. let's imagine you sitting in front of a lake which has greenery
all around, sitting and just remembering who you are and what you wanna do in your life. You may find every solution in front of nature with fresh air. Finding yourself also means that finding the inner peace that will automatically give you happiness
  • make yourself comfortable: accept who you are, remember that you are the same as everybody. there is nothing to be ashamed of. whether you are fat, too slim e.t.c. Body shaming will take you nowhere.
  • make a list of your strengths: It is the practice most people avoid because this takes time and effort. this will help you to identify your strengths and weaknesses, Strengths will boost your confidence.
  • Spend some time alone: This will make you less worried about everything. There is a fact more the people more the problems, this statement means that if you are with fewer people you will have fewer problems.
2. Get confidence: To be happy you have to be confidence first as more the confidence less you have to worry and less worry means you will be happy more.  learn how to get comfortable everywhere. Talk to people, learn how to communicate because it will build up your confidence and will gradually help you for becoming more and happier.

3. Love yourself: The most important aspect of being happy is to love yourself first. Loving yourself means that you will put yourself in every Situation which is beneficial for you. If you love someone better see that you learn to love yourself first.

4. Live your life to the fullest: Every moment you live, every time you spend in your life is not going to come again, so make sure that you take out everything from that moment. Live in that moment so that you won't regret afterward.

Living in the present will make you happy

5. Make good Friends: you cannot imagine your life without your friends. they will make you laugh when you are about to cry, they will make you happy even if you know you can't change anything but lastly if they stand together with you, you might never fall apart.

choose your friends wisely because they are only the people around you who will motivate you in your bad times and who will always see that you stay safe.

6. Do Meditation: it is a technique by which mind relaxes itself, by doing some practices such as focusing on something, taking deep breaths e.t.c for more activeness and for achieving a higher level of Mentality.

7. Reading Books: as you know books the best friends of human. The more number of books you read the more amount of knowledge you will acquire and more the level of knowledge in anything, there will fewer chances of failure.

So, Try to stay happy all the time, I know it is difficult but it is achievable. Share this article, hit the like button and also see 

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