Make Money Your Motivation

Make Money your Motivation

Almost every human on this earth need money to survive but the majority doesn't work for the money they want. 

The theory is simple you can't become a billionaire only by working 9 to 5, only 1% of people on this earth understood this thing and earning a very amount of money daily. So here are some things we will see so that we could better understand the worth of money and how to make it your motivation.

Money making is a simple process and complicated at the same time, it depends on how to think about it. Let's see this quote of a personality who is among the top 10 billionaires of the world.

Making money is simple and complicated at the same time it depends on how you take it for an example lets take a quote stated by the personality who comes on the top 10 billionaires of the world

I always knew I was going to be rich. I don't think I ever doubted it for a minute.                                                                                                                                                                    - warren buffet
money your mativation

The basic thing required to earn money is an achievable goal

How to earn money?
The answer comes in four steps:

  • Learn
  • observe
  • implement
  • maintain.
We will discuss these factors later but first, we need to understand why to make money as your motivation

Make money as your motivation.

First of all, The thing is everybody needs money but what matters is how badly you need it. Some people have never seen a shortage of money in their life so they probably will not have that feeling for money which comes when you can't afford proper food for a day because of this feeling many people from small town or cities do hard work and make big money.

Nobody wants to live poor, nobody wants that they sleep with an empty stomach, nobody in this world prays for less money. With the money you can buy everything you want as everything in this world comes with a price tag, people say there are some things which you can't buy but they really don't know from where to shop.

If you want to achieve a goal and then for some time you lose your confidence, make sure you remember that by doing this work it will give me the rewards I want and the reward may contain money.
Well many people think that satisfaction at work is more important than money but they forgot that they are doing that work for money only, people who value the money get the money. Money won't come overnight or in a week or maybe not even in a month but believe me as long you work hard for it, it will give you the outcome.

If you have Money, you almost have everything.
Many times in the process of making money, you will fail, you will cry, you will beg for mercy, but believe me if you work hard and never quit, there will be a day when you will be in the hall of fame.

So no we know why to make money as our motivation but some people really want to know how to do it so here are the four major things you need to do:

Ways to earn money

  • Learn
  • observe
  • implement
  • maintain

Learn: The basic thing that you need to do for any task is to learn about it, without learning its like you jump in a river without knowing swimming. Many of the people think that learning is a one time process but it goes beyond, there is no age for learning, you can learn at the age of 15 and as well as 55. At last learning from college or university is not enough.

Observe: you can see the biggest entrepreneurs in this world are expert in observing. They observe the market, competition, people, audience, earning, growth e.t.c.Your observing power will increase day by day.

Implement: If you learn something and implement it on a wrong platform you might get fail but if you implement it in a wise and correct way it will be a success. Implementation plays a very major and important role so do it wisely!

Maintain: Does it really matter if you earn too much money but after some time you lose it because you don't know where to invest it or where to use it so it will give you good money afterward.

Remember it will be hard or extremely hard to make money but believe me it will give a satisfactory result.

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