I want to die

I Want To Die(Suicidal thoughts)

I Want To Die(Suicidal thoughts)

Every person on this planet is fighting with many kinds of problem, Some people get out of their problems very easily but some people are not strong enough to do that. Many of the people out there are tormented by this suicidal thought, I want to die.

If you are feeling something like this, I want to tell you that you are not alone. Many people out there feel like you but this feeling is hopeless and temporary. Help is always available and there is always hope just you have to find it. The thought "I want to die" comes up in the mind when you are in so much phycological pain and you think now everything is out of control, I can't do anything. And also they can no longer bear it.

Suicide is not an option. this is the first thing I wanted to tell you and believe me if you feel like giving up I have a story for you which I will tell you Later. I know suicidal thoughts are scary and unbearable but it is not the way to make the things better.

Harming yourself will only hurt those people who love you and won't solve the problems you are facing right now. Studies show that each person who commits suicide directly impacts at least 7 people. The most important thing is keeping yourself safe when you have these suicidal feelings in your mind.

Promise that you will not do anything to harm yourself right now.

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Understanding suicidal thoughts                          

It is important to remember that the feeling of doing suicide is just a thought and you don't need to do anything about that. Just don't act on these thoughts.

It is totally normal to feel overwhelmed and stressed during a tough time and sometimes it will feel like things will not get better. If you're thinking of suicide that means you can't find a way out or you can’t think of any other way out. It’s important to know that there are a number of ways in which you can keep yourself safe.

As I told you earlier suicidal thoughts are temporary, suicidal thoughts come and go.

Let me tell you a story...
Imagine this

One day, you come home from College, you had a horrible day again and you are ready to give up. So you go to your room and lock the door. You try to rewrite the suicide note you have written over and over. You take out the razor and cut your hand for the very last time and eat all the sleeping pills at once. Laying down in your room which is locked, holding the letter to your chest. the eyes began to shut down and at last, within few minutes you die.

A few hours later you brother comes back from school too and he wants to tell you that how good his day went, he knocks on the door but you don't answer so he walks in. All he sees is that you are laying on your bed, so the little fellow thinks that you are sleeping.

A few hours later the dinner is ready and your mother comes in your room to wake you up and she suddenly notices that something is not right so, she grabs the paper in your hand to read. Sobbing, she tries to wake you up. She is screaming your name and the little brother is so confused that he goes to dad to tell him about what is happening with you, he tells your dad that "mummy is crying and brother isn't answering". Your dad runs to your room and sees the mother crying on your chest so it hits him and he throws something on the wall and starts crying by getting on his knees. the mother crawls over to your father and they both start crying holding up each other.

The next day at the college, the principal makes an announcement. She tells everyone about your suicide. Every student in the college premises was silent and the memory of yours is coming in their head continuously. Everyone blames themselves.

  • Your teacher thinks they were too hard on you for little mistakes you have done. 
  • Those mean popular girls in your college think all the stuff they have told you.
  • That boy who used to tease you and make fun of your name, now he started to hate himself because he didn't get a chance to tell you how good you were actually.
  • your ex-girlfriend who knows everything about you starts crying because she can't handle that feeling.
  • all friends of yours are sobbing too and regretting that how couldn't they figure out that something is not right with you.
  • And your best friend? he is in shock, can't actually believe what happened with his best friend. He knew that you were not feeling good but he never thought that that will turn up to this. He can't cry, he can't feel anything.

Later at your funeral, the whole town came. Everyone knew you, that boy with a bright smile and a stunning personality. Everyone is crying, your brother still doesn't know what suicide means and why you did it, he is too young for all this. Your parents told him that you are dead, It hurts him a lot. you were supposed to be there for him.

After two years, all your teachers quit their jobs. Those mean girls are suffering from eating disorder now, the boy who used to tease you cut himself too and your girlfriend doesn't know how to love someone, she sleeps around with boys. All your friends have some kind of depression now. Your best friend he tried to kill himself too but he didn't succeed like you.

Your brother? he finally found out that what is suicide and why you had done it. He cries at night because your parents got separated.

People care, you might not think so. But they do.

Things you can do to manage suicidal thoughts

1. Make Yourself Safe.

Take the necessary precautions to make yourself safe and remove any items you could use to harm yourself from your home. Do not isolate yourself.

2. Talk to someone.

Many people feel ashamed or afraid to talk to someone about their suicidal thoughts but by doing this you can feel better. However, sharing these feelings with someone you trust is often the first step to feeling better and relaxed. Find someone you trust like your friend, family, brother, grandparents, therapist, etc. Seeking professional help from a therapist will be helpful.

3. Avoid Alcohol and Drugs.

Sometimes, Alcohol and drugs can intensify your suicidal thoughts.

4. Write down how you’re feeling.

Sometimes writing down how you feel can help you to understand yourself better and find alternative solutions.

5. Set yourself small goals.

Try to set small goals that will make you feel in control and help you move forward. Write them down and tick them off when you’ve achieved themIf you have a big goal try to decide it into smaller parts.

6.Remind yourself of reasons to live.

Write down what is keeping you to do a suicidal. Remind yourself that even though things might seem hopeless to you but there are things that are very important to you and that you still want to do.

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