What is Love?

What is love
Love means a lot in this world which is full of hatred. If you are asking this question that means that you can't understand that how exactly love feels. Every people in this world needs love. Love is a feeling that you may feel towards someone or something

What is love

Love is the deepest and intense emotion that we may experience as humans.it has been a favored topic of poets, philosophers, artists, etc. Many people think that love implies as a strong feeling of affection but many have their own meaning of love. We absolutely don't have any control over how, when and where love starts to express itself. Maybe that's why 72% of people believe in love at first sight. Many people have this question in their mind, they spend their nights to find out the true meaning of love but how can we define something that is so much uncontrollable and versatile?

And believe me, that's the tricky thing about love.

There is always a debate about whether love is a choice or not. The meaning of love may vary from person to person, culture to culture.

Some definitions of love include:

  • A willingness to prioritize someone's happiness above your own.
  • A fleeting emotion of like, respect, and care.
  • a feeling of strong affection for a person.
  • Love is the result of appreciating another's goodness.
What is Love? It is a Chemistry, commitment, infatuation, compatibility.

Why you need to understand "what is love"
Because of every person on this planet experience love in a different form so defining love is a lot more complicated. We spend our nights to find out the exact definition which fits us. Think about it: if you say you are in love with someone working in your company, but your friends or family don’t see the chemistry, you might be angry when they tell you that it “does not look like love.” Are they wrong?? Or are you? How does one know who to believe, we search the Internet, desperately seeking to know what, exactly, what is love.

love, lust, or attraction

these are the three emotions that you may feel when you see a beautiful lady or a handsome man but many people get confused in between these emotions because of the feeling you get is kind of same in three of them. Getting confused in these emotions may lead the relationship of yours to an end in the future

let me tell you how? its very simple when you expecting love from them and they just have a kind of attraction or lust to you.

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